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Emily Smith, Hélène Day Fraser, Christa Clay, Melanie Camman, Elham Atighi Lorestani, Chiara Schmitt

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Fibre Stories - Fibreshed as the seed, the Field School as the fertile soil.

Embarking on an immersive journey guided by the ethos of Fibershed, the international network established by Rebecca Burgess, the Fibre Stories project evolved as a collaborative endeavor anchored in the rich experiences of the Fibreshed Field School. Under the insightful guidance of Emily Smith, the project's research faculty lead and visionary, it unfolded as a compelling proposition to negotiate varied areas of the fashion industry, forge connections with diverse communities, and intricately explore regional and regenerative fiber systems. Structured into three distinct cohorts—Reciprocity & Stewardship, Warping & Weaving, and Regeneration—this transformative initiative saw 18 students embarking on a three-month journey of exploration and experimentation, marking a significant chapter in their collective experience towards a deeper understanding of sustainable textiles and regional revitalization.

The heart of the endeavor lies in the Fibre Stories publication and podcast, where compelling narratives unfold, weaving together tales of the Fibreshed Field School, our local fibreshed, regional textiles, industry dynamics, educational initiatives, soil health, and the nuanced tensions that surface when examining fiber and cloth through the lenses of sustainability and decolonization.

Printed with meticulous care, the limited edition publication, totaling 110 copies, serves as a tangible testament to the dedication poured into every facet of the project. Adopting a riso print format for the cover and incorporating a series of carefully curated fiber samples adorned with insightful quotes from participants of the field school, the publication offers a sensory and visually rich experience.

Distribution of these unique copies was thoughtfully executed, reaching the hands of numerous collaborators intricately involved in both the Fibreshed Field School and the broader Fibre Stories project. Each printed edition is a crafted piece of art, bearing an embroidered QR code on the back cover bringing the viewer to the project's website,, adding a distinctive finishing touch to this multifaceted exploration.

Rooted in exhaustive research, the project stands as a testament to a wholehearted surrender to collaboration, fueled by an unwavering passion and dedication that resonates through every last detail. My pivotal role as Project Coordinator, during the Fibreshed Field School and then as Creative Director and Co-editor for Fibre Stories was instrumental in shaping this holistic narrative, bringing together diverse voices and perspectives to contribute to the broader discourse on sustainable textiles and regional regeneration.

The Fibre Stories project is more than a publication; it is a tangible representation of the commitment to understanding, preserving, and celebrating the intricate tapestry of our fiber ecosystems, fostering a deeper connection between people, place, and the textiles that sustain us.


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