Storage System for Small Spaces



Seth Parker, Marcus Denomme & Katharine Percy

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Storage System for Small Spaces

Working with a team of designers, we were able to develop an affordable, accessible, space efficient storage solution. In the day and age of the micro-suites and increasingly reduced living spaces, we knew that creative solutions to storage and organization within the home would be crucial to a successful design.

With this focus, we extensively researched the innovative “do-it-yourself” storage solutions in the homes of our demographic as well as recent retail products coming from cutting edge designers to harness a balance between the two. Through iterative sketches, sketch models, CAD visualizations and prototypes, The Patchboard was born.

The Patchboard is a versatile alternative to the standard pegboard found at hardware stores. The track system comes in four lengths and allows for ease of installation through standard countersink screws holes machined along the track. The boards have a series of unique patterns that follow a standard xy axis. The Patchboard system is completely customizable and can be used in any room of the home. The Patchboard Start Kit includes everything needed to get started with organization.


Perfect for home or office organization

Ideation & Prototype


Package Design & Retail Display

The Patchboard Starter Kit includes a set of tracks, a series of boards and a bundle of dowels.
The Retail Display is designed for a department store setting between the aisles to show The Patchboard system in use.