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Creating emotional attachment through narrative




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Creating emotional attachment through narrative

The Story Starter Pack aims to create sentiment through storytelling. The bodysuit and high waist pants, made from 100% cotton, come with a package including a booklet that outlines the story from cotton seed to garment, fully detailing every step of the process to give understanding to what goes into making clothing.

The booklet contains 24 pages of graphics and a storytelling experience. This concept is to encouraging a deeper connection to the clothing people wear and consume as well as outlining an exploration of more sustainable ways to relate to clothing. Storytelling and narrative have been used by humans for millennia and can provide powerful insight and deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

Along with the booklet is an invitation for the reader to add to the story by journaling their own experience with their new garments. A storytelling exercise to explore a connection to their clothing.The story starter pack also includes a few cotton seeds to plant and enjoy, and some additional fabric for future mending or altering of each garment.

The full booklet can be viewed from the link below:


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